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Buying Foreclosure and Short Sale Properties in Naples Florida

Naples Foreclosures

The hottest segment of the Naples Real Estate Market is the $200,000 range single-family foreclosure homes. When a foreclosure home hits the market, it is usually listed about 10% to 15% below all other comparables in the area. Foreclosure homes in Naples are not always in the best of [...]

Naples Short Sales

Another trend in the Naples Real Estate Market is investing in approved short sale homes. An advertised approved short sale is a short sale that has already gone through the negotiation process with the bank and there is a short window of time, usually 30 days for it to be closed. The asking [...]

Naples Short Sale Process

To Short or not to Short… What is a short sale? In real estate a Short Sale is considered to be the sale of a property where the lender agrees to accept a lesser amount that is actually owed. In other words the homeowner is shorting the bank when the property sells. In reality it […]

What is a Naples REO ?

What is a Naples REO? REO Property stands for Real Estate Owned. Owned by the Bank or the Lending institution. In other words, a foreclosure property. Read about the Naples Foreclosure process on my Naples Foreclosure Process blog post here. How to buy a Naples REO or a Naples foreclosure home [...]

Naples Foreclosure Process

HOW TO BUY REO PROPERTIES? What is an REO? An REO or Real-Estate-Owned is a real property that has gone through the process of Foreclosure and it is now owned by the bank or the Mortgage Company. Here are some of the steps of the Foreclosure Process in Florida. Notice of Default When a [...]

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